A State Of Trance ASOT 650 Indonesia #ASOT650ID After Movie

If dance would unite….. Asot would be the would unite. Since the last 3 years they first invaded our planet with their massive trance music. Every year their expanding its horizons though out the world and now they are comming to Indonesia.

Well unlike the last rave party in jakarta #DWP (Djakarta Warehouse Project), Asot would be alot friendly. In the eyes of wheather, croud and my own preparation to shoot this event. oh yeahh… did i mention that im shooting this with my DIY Dslr rigging. yeah…. these was my first time shoot with my new DIY toys. well pretty satisfied with it, so you might see im very comfort when im shooting this. Plus i got a partner to shoot these event with Griska. but then one lead to another we lost in a croud and we couldnt find one to another.

I wish i would write more for these video but lots editing to cath on…

Sooo…. i see you in the next dance events !!!!!