Djakarta Warehouse Project DWP 2013

Watch the biggest rave party in South East Asia, i would say Djakarta Warehouse Project or most people called ” DWP “. I dont think it wasnt to much if im saying that, because next to Indonesia theres used to be a biggest dance party of all time it called the “Zook Out” in Singapore. Not anymore since these last 2 years. Ismaya with their Djakarta Warehouse Project has made it clear, they are the biggest dance party in south east right now by invading DWP with the top “A” class DJ all over the world.

This event was a huge madness full of mud, rain, drunk, old, young or you name it. Such a hassle to shooting in this event without any assistant. Well im shooting on my own and bring lots of gears (in a rain). With mud all over and sold out ticket made me a home work to shoot in a crowd. But over all it such a massive events for dance music in Indonesia, Ive never seen these crowd would be still starving with music eventhough is rain and dirt all over.

It would be wiser for me if ismaya change its place to more decent one. These wasnt cool for a next few years, if lots of people had to go to ancol to see DWP for 5 hours of traffic. Ancol with their limited enterance would be big “NO” for next DWP event as the Biggest in south east for the next few years.

What i love about DWP, they [Ismaya] are really succeed with pre event promotion in social media. Their “Joget Kejut” and “Baju Udel” video was such a great promotion, because most of the hype youngsters in Indonesia are chit chating about these video whenever their hang out with friends. Not forget to mention these video was all over the social media though.

Well sit back and enjoy the video, if you like please share on your social media such as Path, Twitter, Facebook and any others.

Enjoy the dance and share the happines on DWP 2013. see you in 2014.

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