SEA Games XXVI as an Extra Income Palembang Citizen

SEA Games XXVI has officially over,  did you know that its not only the athlete who compete to have medals.  For local these event has been a great change to raise their medals.

11 days, from 11 – 22 November 2011 Palembang has been a number one issues all over Asean. 11 Nation competing for their country to have gold medal. Moreover for the local SEA Games 2011 was an opportunity to have a medal as well.

For Example, Locals who had an extra houses prefer to rent on they houses to the official, crew or media. As you might know that all of the hotels are fully booked before the event has started.


For your information a house or “ruko” were rent up to 25 million rupiah per month. Motorcycle rent it can be up to 1 million per month and 100 thousand rupiah per day.  We can imagine how local also compete for gold medals.

Meanwhile hotel rates on my visit to Palembang was twice the price.

Another example i was interview the “becak” paddlers, they paid for 200 thousand rupiah each day. it was 4 times their daily income.

But despite all off that nowdays locals are raise their awarness, they more enterprising than they used too when it comes to work.

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