Huge Achievements SEA Games Palembang 2011

Dining hall

Lots of media vilify SEA Games 2011, but i had an opposite point of view. Okay lots of mistakes have been made with the Officials and Organizers. To be honest is it a huge or common mistake? For me they all made small proportion of mistakes. People made mistakes and its ussual for people made small mistake in an event.

at Jembatan Ampera

Did you know theres only 20% funding from total to build Jakabaring Sports City.

Did you know that Jakabaring Sports City merley build for 11 months.

Did you know that Jakabaring Sports City concept Go Green.

Dis you know that to enter all the venue are FREE !!!!

Did you know that theres no cigarete sponsor in SEA Games 2011.

Did you know that Sea Games 2011 is just a small objective for Palembang.

Did you know with all negative media spotlight, workers passion has been tearing apart.

Did you know Palembang planning to be a host for Asian Games 2019.

Did you see how glorious SEA Games 2011 opening and closing.

Tell me in which part in Indonesia who can did much better than i mention above. For me Palembang having a huge achievement to be a host SEA Games 2011. Its easy to elaborate mistakes but theres more elegant to express it.

When im at Palembang, i had a chance to meet the Sumatra Selatan Governor it self Mr. Alex Nurdin. i ask his words to keep up clean and to mantain all the venue. Lets see that in a future guys ….

with Mr. Alex Nurdin Sumatra Selatan Governor

Finally …. Congratulations for Palembang !!!!! its been massive event!!!!!

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