Explore Pangandaran 2013 / Jelajah Pangandaran

Did you miss me, did you miss my blog, did you miss my writing. Well im surely did. I dont know why, im not or never planing updating my blog since i got distracted with my camera and stuff. But since having a trip with my blogger friends, im definately want to start blogging from scratch (not realy that scratch though).

So my last trip was around pangandaran and batu karas. Couple of time i’ve came to pangandaran and batu karas, but this time was diffrent. because i came here by bus, not with my girlfriends (read : bike / overland). Im invited for an event called “Jelajah Pangandaran”, well Pangandaran are prepare to expand with their tourism. Thats why they invited traveller, blogger, practicion, videographer and others.

You know what i hate to be on this road trip like this, i got sick all the time on the bus. LIke everytime on the bus im feeling that i want to throw up. Yeahhh its kinda dull but thats what im feeling. eventhough i never really throwing up. Heres a tips for you who got vehicle sicness, first have a drugs such as “Antimo” so you be sleep all the time. Second everytime you feel that you want to throw up just lying in a seat and dont make alot of movement. Third, make busy of your self so you dont feel that you are in the bus.

The movie i’ve made was only im running around with the camera and my glidecam. But sadly i dont documented it really well, because i didnt bring any lightning. So every night when local gave us a performance like kuda lumping and any others that i dont remember. I cant put it on my movie.

Since this writing its only an excercise [again] words for me…. i will keep on writing everytime im shooting a video [atleast].

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