Hero for Hero SEA Games 2011

at Waterski venue

Ostra Ligwina (or Ostra) is just an ordinary athlete from Indonesia. She just got home after competing at SEA Games XXVI. Ostra was not a top listed athlete like  Titus bonai (Soccer player), Patrich Wanggai (Soccer Player), Taufik Hidayat (Badminton Player) and any other athletes.

But why and what makes me interested to write about Ostra as a writer? Soon you all will know…. just read it till the end of my articel aight !!

When its confirm im about to go to palembang, the first thing i let to know was my friend Ostra. Ostra is 30 years old water ski athlete and she is fighting medals for Indonesia.

But Sadly i havent had a change to meet her at Palembang. With my tight schedule and Ostra was busy with her waterski preparation at Jakabaring Sports Center.

One thing led to another i had a change to visit waterski venue, but Ostra is not around at that time. Then i meet Mr. Daud waterski athlete from Indonesia.

Ostra was having a teribble injury right now, thats why she’s not around” mr. Daud Says.

She had problems with her knee, she is resting right now at Wisma Athlete ” mr. Daud Says.

Maybe you should come back tomorrow, because she would be on the water ” mr. Daud Says.

on a wheel chair

The next day Ostra BBM her news, about she is entering the Final !!! As an ex-athlete im wondering, how the hell Ostra did it…. with a knee injury?

Ostra was a waterski athlete for jumping, Tricking and overall. You can imagine, if you were having knee injury then you had a jump for 18.8 meter far. What a crazy ass girl !!!!

Badly injured at Final

But she won 3rd possition at the final !!! im wondering how its gonna be if she is having a healthy knee. Probably its gonna be a gold medal result !!!

What makes me amazed is reading her updated on twitter @ligwina.

at hospital

with 50% tendon rupture on my right knee and knee injury on my left, Astagfirllah its really painfull to walk” as Ostra said.

Every night i pray for one wish… please god heal my knee, remove it pains and please gave me a medal” as Ostra said.

When i had a change to interview ostra, she told me that she just lost her beloved friends Rudi Ardikusuma. Rudi died 1 month ago at 27 Oktober 2011, when Ostra starting to prepare SEA Games 2011 at Jakabaring.

Its all happen because a heart attack when Rudi was sleeping, he’s my love and my everything bram” As Ostra said.

Rudi is my only strenght when im competing against water, enemies and injuries” as Ostra said.

Eventhough its only a bronze medal i dedicated this medal for Rudi, And Rudi always be a winner for me !!!! ” as Ostra said.

I dont care about Gold, Silver, bronze or big bonus. This is about a journey and giving valuable lesson in life” as Ostra said.

Ostra at Rudi grave (Left : Rudi Ardikusuma )

Thank you Ostra Ligwina for your huge efforts at SEA Games Palembang 2011 and deep condolences for Rudi Ardikusuma. Maybe theres gotta be 2nd change for a better result in a future !!!!!

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