Shits Happens !!!

After burning my skin and resting my ass around karimun java, so its time to continue my expedition. My next destination is to surabaya – pasuruan – bromo. Its really a nice feeling i can get back on the road, i miss this.

How im having fun on the road

When it comes to straight and flat road, i used to bend down my body and put my elbow on the handle bars. This is help me to cycle faster with less distraction from the wind and helps me not to set all of my weight in my ass on the saddle. Actually this is supposed to be an easy road from semarang to surabaya, but as not expected somewhere in a middle of the salt farm around the Rembang city my bike got wreck out. I did not notice theres a huge Block in front of me, i step aside and i didnt hit it but sadly my back panniers get caught inside my back wheel.

Notice its my panniers got inverted

it stuck, how great was that ? this is not the end of my missery its just the beginning, because my rear end frame was broken into pieces and i can not even continue cycling in the middle of nowhere of the salt field.

Rear end

Since theres only Rp. 20.000,- rupiah on my pocket without any ATM around. My common sense lead me to hitchiking some truck.  Soo… i got hitchike a truck but its only a few killometers away and i still cant find any ATM. Then another hitchiking on the road, within a hope to find good people on these road and maybe they like to help me for a ride into big cities. Hell yeah … i got a L300 mitshubishi guys who on their way to Babat  city (a city after Tuban). Riding with them on their bus is so fun and you know what their are very helpfull with me. Even they gave me a free dinner for free !!!!!

Free dinner with the truck driver all around

Mr. Edi who gave me a ride to Tuban

Mr. Yanto the Driver

Since i  was arriving  Tuban at night, so i stay over the night on the road again. This time i slept at the telkom office  Tuban, accompanied with teenagers whos using the free wifi from the Telkom office. I dont think i can find any rear end sparepart in Tuban, i dont think Tuban as big as i expected. Since i alreadywithdrawl my ATM, then i take bus in the middle of the dawn to Surabaya, with hopes to find rear end sparepart at surabaya.

On the bus to Surabaya

Arriving at the terminal Langon i had to continue with a city bus to terminal Bungur Asih. Then my friend Mas Boncu pick me up. Showering after 2 days on the road was really pleased me, then im straight to find my sparepart at Surabaya. And you know what 3 of the first store im stoping by told me, to take my frame back to jakarta they dont have any KHS rear end frame accecories. I was like damn!!!!!  this journey has ended. With a hopeless feeling and only Rp. 300.000,-  on my pocket. Im start to find others with Rainbow friends of Mas Boncu who also a cyclist as well. Finally i found the rear end for like Rp. 250.000,- , with only Rp. 50.000,- left i was thinking again to end this trip to bromo. But my lovely wife always saves me in the worst situation. So this trip is still on to bromo then bali maybe 😀

Mas Boncu who really helpfull with me at Surabaya

In the afternoon i start to ride my bike but something diffrent this time, i got a travel mate Rainbow who helps me around Surabaya with the sparepart. Hes on his way to situbonto, into his sisters house. Its really fun to had a friends on my trip, theres a friends to talk and i dont get bored.

Rainbow with his bike

I recon i had another 2 small problem like when i was in Rembang. My back panniers got stuck again twice from situbondo to pasuruan. Learning from my previous mistake i had to clear out carefully and luckily my bike didnt hurts this time. Another incident happen when im arriving at the pasuruan province, my back lights got loose then got hit by a truck. Luckily i had another spare so im still safe to ride in the middle of the night with a backlight on !!!!

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