Pasuruan and late UPDATED !!!

Its been sometimes i havent updated 2 of my last leg. Ive been busy with my daily life after comming back to Jakarta e and ACI detik adventure (read: my next journey) whos seize my time by doing alot of research. so im really sorry and maybe i will postpone your donation to YPKI (Yayasan Pita Kuning Indonesia) after my ACI Detik Adventure. Million sorry guys….. theres lots of things to catch up on ACI detik adventure such as diving, photography, reasearch, itenaries, route plan and many more so its kinda killing me !!!! i need you support anyway on my next trip !!!!! and PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE vote my team team sumatra 1 (destination : ACEH, NORTH SUMATRA, WEST SUMATRA, JAMBI)

back to my trip …… well i arrive at pasuruan around 21.00, and looking forward to my friends Toton at his hotel. Hes telling me i will had a free room if i actually arrive to pasuruan with my bicycle. but sadly he didnt around at that night at the hotel, hes on a buisness trip to surabaya. So im just straight to rest on a comfy bed for the first time since start this trip and without sleeping bag. whooooaaa…..

Next morning i had a tour around pasuruan, its really a quite small city. all the man wearing “sarong” and all the woman wearing hijab. Pasuruan sometime called the “Santri” city, because theres alot of islamic dorm around the city. Actually that day i had a change to take a tour acompanied bonny (oldest toton brother) meeting his friends. Hes friend is Gus yusuf the owner of the islamic dorm or “pesantren”. i will share more off my stories about these pesantren later on, i havent the pictures right now.

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