Ultimate Cycling Adventure !!!!!!

Guys …

Heres an updates from me … Im about to depart in a few day for a bicycle adventure around java island and bali (if possible). The main plan from jakarta – batujaya (temple @kerawang) – cirebon – pekalongan – dieng – semarang – jepara – karimun jawa – jepara – surabaya – pasuruan – Mt.Bromo – surabaya – prambanan – borobudur – jogjakarta – kutoarjo – purwokerto – batu raden – brebes – cirebon – cikarang – jakarta. the journey taken around 3 weeks and if you are asking where im gonna sleep? im gonna sleep where ever my bike take me …. it can be sleeping in a gas station, mosque, local peoples houses, relatives house, friends house or maybe in a tent with a sleeping bag.

as an Indonesian sometimes i feel ashamed with it, not because i did not proud as an Indonesian. Its just because as a young generation i never did something for my country. we are tend to criticize about indonesia !!!! i want u stop doin that… why ? look at your self what have u done to this country? NOTHING rite. it was very easy to talk and vilify, but to did something for our country it needs alots courage. This is why im doin my trip. this trip was not about having fun on the road or having a fancy holiday in a hotel. this trip in unison to fundraising money for children who had cancer, if you are donate few rupiah of your money on this trip. in the end of my journey, total amount of my fundraising trip will be donated to YAYASAN PITA KUNING (YPKAI_C3). feel free to donate guys…..

Mandiri : Bram Aditya
Account : 1220005872687

BCA : Griska Rezza Gunara
Account : 7510245355

alots of my friends asking about my trip soo, you may read common question & answer :

Q : where am i going ?
A : main plan is to cycle from jakarta – bromo – jakarta, but if i had more money maybe i will cycle to BALI.

Q : why cycling ?
A : its econo travel, healty, not polluted and i can get intimate with nature and the enviroment.

Q : How much money did i bought ?
A : Around 1 million

Q : Do you had sponsors ?
A : Not yet, but im still lookin. If you are interrested you may mention my twitter @bramadity

Q : why the bank transfer using personal my personal account ?
A : 3 weeks before my departure i sent few email to many fondation to cooperate on my trip, but no one reply my email. Soo i made an idea to fundraising by my own self and donate it total amount of the donation from you.

Q : How many person on my trip ?
A : None, theres no other person. im solo with my bicycle, unsupported and no team crews.

Q : Why theres 2 options destination at the end of the trip (Jakarta – bromo – jakarta and Jakarta – bali) ?
A : im cycling with a limited budget, if i can save enough money on the road so i can continue to cycle to bali.

Q : what am i carring on my bicycle ?
A : i would answers that on my next article.

Q : Meeting up if you are passing my city?
A : i would love too, i will be pleased maybe i can get a place to stay for free…. hahahhaha

Q : can i join your trip with my bike?
A : absolutely yess if u are staying with my schedule and my route.

Q : Why you are take off H+1 “Lebaran”
A : i would say, this is only the time to take my day off since i was entepreneur and few next few month i would be up for ACI DETIK ADVENTURE.

Actually i really need a GPS for my bicycle, to record my trail, route and altitude. since i dont have one, i only had a car GPS … soo welcome sponsors just mention me @bramadity and i can send u my proposal.

last if you are didnt donate just mention, follow me, retweet @bramadity or copy paste my journey on the entire internet universe !!!!! THANKS GUYS !!!!!!



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