the next 3 weeks

its been a long time i havent wrote on my own blog ….. and for the next few weeks, i will updated this blog periodically. Im up for a 3 weeks adventure

1 man
1 Bicycle
No support team
An epic Journey once in a life time !!!!!!

heres a sneak preview of my itenaries

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2 thoughts on “the next 3 weeks

  1. sepeda loe yg mana jadinya bil???post jg dimari dunk…. ban serep?ban luar?ban dalem? bike rack dah jd??foto banyakin jgn tulisan aje yakk…. 😛

    • opa ada di atas pake yang item pa ….. bike rack udah jadi buat di PRI kustom kulture … ban dalem udah siap … tambelannya juga udah ada gw … cuma ban luar ga gw bawa ahh

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