Transports around Jakabaring Sport City

Its not complete yet if im travelling and not writing about its transportation. As an overlanders i really love to write these topic. When i came to Jakabaring Sport City center theres a lots way of transportation. lets take a look will ya…..

“Becak” or “Rickshaw”

“Becak” every athlete favorites transportation vehicle. These three-wheel as part of efforts to make the Jakabaring Sport City complex a more environmentally-friendly venue. Gymnast Hannah Finnegan from the Philippines said she preferred riding becak, which is considered unique. “Riding the three-wheeler is quite fun,” Finnegan said. She said that many athletes find the idea of using “becak” inside the venue amusing because many had never had similar experiences in their home countries.


“Fixie” is a bicycle that has no freewheel, meaning it cannot coast, as the pedals are always in motion when the bicycle is moving. i recon “Fixie” 2nd favorite vehicle around the complex. health and riders may go everywhere they like. But every “Fixie” equiped with front brake and rear brake, soo every athlete can be easily ride it.

Piaggio “Scooter”

“Scooter” from piaggio was another option to get around. But its not that easy to borrow these bike. It need a special permit to used it. i found out these is for the official only. 25 Vespa LX to be exact total its population around the venue. Its Euro 3 standart so its eco friendly.

“Golf Car”

“golf car” 23 total and 6 grant from PT. Pusri. These Yamaha golf Car price around 60 million rupiah each. The main plan who ride the “Golf car” was beauty pageant from sumatra selatan, but in fact they gave up with the heat around Jakabaring Sport City. In the future these vehicle will be used for future gold field around Jakabaring Sport City.

“Shuttle bus”

“angkot” and “Shuttle bus” unlike any other transportation, supporter can easily used them to go to every venue. For the “Shuttle bus” its eco friendly because its already euro standart. in fact most of the “angkot” who used to be a regullar daily transport for the Palembang, was the only one who did not euro sertificate.

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