The Best Swimming Pool in Asia

The Aquatic Stadium

One of the best venue when im visit Jakabaring Sports City is Aquatic Center Stadium. Aquatic is on off the venue who had an international standart. All the Palembang citizens would proud to have it, because it claim to be one of the best in Asia. Moreover Aquatic Center Stadiom was ought compared with the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre.

Swimming pool

Supporting Jakabaring Sport City concept, Aquatic Center Stadium build up with ” Go Green ” System. These semi-indoor venue using low level electricty. Roof of Aquatic Center Stadium using special material, it holds up the heat in a daylight and released it at night. Although it was a semi-indoor stadium, but it was design with a notice for free natural Air circulation factor. If we take a look outside of the stadium, it looks like a wave within it swirl roof.

Just a Sign

All the swimming facility material based on Olympic standart. Most off the material came from Italy such as floor coatings, pool wall, bulkhead, basin pool and any other parts.

Media Center around Aquatic Stadium

Maximum capacity of Aquatic Center Stadium around 3.000 crouds. with a 26 x 3 x 51,2 meters pool, Aquatic Center Stadium needs 15.000 meter cubic water inside the pool. The best part of these pool it can be customize lenght of each line.

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