” 11 ” Lucky Charm SEA Games Palembang 2011 !!!

Sign board at Jakabaring Sport City

I have been invited with @Fortune_PR few days ago to enshroud SEA Games Palembang 2011, as an Independent representative for the Governor Sumatra Selatan.  So you might feel awkward if you reading my future post about SEA Games Palembang 2011, Im writing a lil bit out of my topic ” overlanders thing “. Im really having a great time at Palembang city meet a new friends and experiences. One thing that really excites me is, i can see with my own eyes how nifty SEA Games 2011. As an ex athlete visiting Jakabaring Sports City then see how the athlete competing with other nations its really made me miss my old times.

Support Athlete Fair Play

Maybe some of you did not notice, that nowdays SEA Games 2011 having alots of number ” 11 “. Let me define one by one .

Sriwijaya Statium

Firstly, SEA Games officially open by the date of 11 November 2011. If we convert it into numeric date, it came out number 11/11/11. These three number ” 11 ” in a row surely occur every 100 years. This date rarely happen in a life time and easy to memorize. One thing left to another theres others event held on 11/11/11. It was the end of new 7 wonders Vote and Pulau Komodo  is on top of the vote right now.  So its decided to start the SEA Games  on these unique date. One things for sure these date was not connected with the “Devince Thing”

Water Polo Venue from Hotel Arya Duta View

Second, Theres ” 11 ” day of  competing in SEA Games 2011 Palembang. It held on 11 November 2011 to 22 November 2011. If you are notice these is the fourth ” 11 ” for SEA Games 2011 Palembang.

Third, All the participants are Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunai Darusalam, Singapore, Phillipines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Timor leste, Laos and Kamboja. If we count them all there are 11 countrie who participate in SEA Games XXVI in Palembang.

Later i found out the fourth fact on my trip to SEA Games 2011 Palembang, That  venue at Jakabaring Sport City Center was build only for 11 month. They alter swamp into Jakabaring Sport City. Its quite dry walking around theres Sport city on my visit, all the plant haven’t evolve nicely. But overall from my point of  view, for 11 month works its superb work !!!!!!!!

Thats it 6 luck charm number ” 11 ” from SEA Games palembang 2011. Good luck Indonesian contingent ………………

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