How to having fun around bromo with bicycle !!!

Its not done yet !!!! Endurance taking my bike climb up to the mt.bromo its just a teaser. The next best thing is leading your bike around the sea sand. Its absolutely stupid to bring your bicycle heres with alot of full luggage and gear. i can not even to cycle in a sea sand, with only a bottle water left and no one around i should cross the sea sand and up to paserpan.

Theres two option for me at that time, take a look at bromo crater or just straight to paserpan. Because its another home work to reach bromo with my bike and luggage. Since bromo errupted last year i decided to take a little snapshot at the bromo crave and now i know why i really had a bad feeling about climbing up to mount bromo crave. When i reach the top mountain, Big storm are blowing all the time. i cant even see anything ahead. Its really killing me ….. i had a glance to take fotograph with my digicam and now its broken !!!! not only 1 but 2 camera ive been broken with the deset storm.

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3 thoughts on “How to having fun around bromo with bicycle !!!

  1. You’re the man Bram!

    A great journey in one of the bravest version – I also have a soft spot for bicycles and admire you.

    Just love the raw beauty of Bromo landscape – stunning!

    Say cheers to Griska & Co. from us!!!

    Safe cycling,
    Margus & Kariina
    A big hug from Estonia

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