Mount Bromo !!!!

Climbing up mount Bromo by bicycle is a priceless experience, gave it your best shot and just ride it …… when ride is tough, the tough gets going. You know what, when i reach pananjakan i really had an enermous feeling. Its not just i had finish my promise to cycle from jakarta – bromo with this mission doing fundraising. I was amazed with the MT. Bromo panorama Sunset and all the kindness people around pananjakan.

Theres a small croud around me since i arrive at the pananjakan. Many of them asking where am i goin, where do i came from and stuff. Maybe what they had in my “CRAZY STUPID BIATCH ON A BIKE”

For a tourist who wants to climb up bromo they used to stay over the night at the tosari or paserpan which is the nearest city to pananjakan. Pananjakan is the best spot to see sunrise around bromo. In my case i dont have any money left. So i sleep around top mountain pananjakan with almost 0 degrees temperature, armed with my jacket and sleeping bag. From monday to friday all the stores are closed at night around pananjakan, but not on weekends. luckily i had a change to had an “pop mie” diner with an very expensive price !!!!

local “sate”

At 3 oclock sharp people start comming to pananjakan to see the sunrise, tourist with a jeep and motorcycle rushing to see the sunrise at pananjakan mountain. FYI pananjakan mountain start from 4:15 so u dont really had a rush if you are late, theres still lots to catch.

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