The Dazzling Paradise Karimun jawa !!!!

Fact about karimun jawa :

Karimun jawa national park archipelago consist of 27 island in th java sea. Aproximately 90 km from northwest jepara.The island name means a stone’s throw from java and has 6.632 population spread out the island.


Im writing this in the wildest forest of karimun java behind me and in front of me i may see white sandy beach swiping to the sea. Right now im camping on an private beach at karimun java and its absolute beautiful, plus theres no one around. I should swimming nude tomorrow i will ….. i want to feel like a nudist in a wild … hahhahahaha. wild camping, nice beach, sounds of wild animals, sounds of the waves, bonfire and a tent this time its really thrills me

Anyway i was departing from jogja around 0.30, rounting jogja –salatiga (via jatinom) – grobogan  – jepara. Its about 7 hours rideto the harbour at jepara, in a “iedul fitri” holiday i was very lucky  the ferry havent  full yet and havent departing from the port . Actually its quite a pinprick  to cross karimun java, because the ferry km muria not departing everyday so if you are late, you had to wait for 2 days. Another thing  i read about karimun java on the net, theres alot of version of km muria schedule. Let me take this straight, if you want to go to karimun jawa the schedule is 9.00 km muria off the deck. But it the ferry already full soo they will departing as soon as possible. So im suggesting you to arrive at the port at 6.00 thats better or if you are late just come at 7.00. Why ? Another reasong to come early to find a good spot to rest at the boat if you are taking a economy class.

When i take this trip the boat price Rp. 28.500,-  and Rp 27.500,- for the moped.  Bu if you comming to jepara with a car, im suggesting you to leave  your car at the port. Karimun java its only a small town, total length around  karimun java was not more 22 km. So the best way to get around on a island just used a motorcyle.  But remember theres no gas station at karimun jawa, so full ur gas around Jepara

If you are backpacking or travelling with a low budget, im suggest you to come to the port around 7. Find a tour of tourist who want to leave the port. If you find one, ask the head of travel agency who arrange the trip for the tourist is it possible to hitchike you into the tour. Towards saving on your trip, take a tour to the west side karimun jawa. West side karimun java had it all the beauties than the east side such as geleang, gosong and cemara. Anyway its only cost you Rp. 80.000,- to take a one day tour around from 8.00 to 18.00. Including free cocoanut in the middle of the sea, lunch, drink and snorkelling gears. Sadly if your tour didnt stop by to menjangan besar it means you cant swing on a shark pool. So you had to rent a small boat on the main island, its only Rp. 30.000,-  for the boat to take you to menjangan besar, Rp. 20.000,- to enterance and extra Rp. 5.000,-  to swim with the shark.

aditya and wandi who help me escape the island thanks guys !!!!

Since i already have my west side tour around karimun java, i had enough. Im planning to leave the island at night. Actually theres no night schedulle for km muria, but its a peak season and “iedul fitrie” holiday.

In sum for 1 day 1 night at the paradise :


You may take any bus to semarang than continue to jepara by bus as well or you may take you vehicle to jepara then park your vehicle at jepara. its was best if you come to jepara at 6 in the moring unless you had to wait for 2 days for the next ferry

Intercorse :

For low budget travelling like me you can straightly take west side karimun jawa tour than rent a small boat to menjangan besar to swim with the shark. For the next day i recommend you to take tour around the island, but if you like to diving and didnot satisfied with the tour just take the east side tour … find a travel agent at the port and ask them to hitchike you inside the tour


Always remember from karimun the ferry leaves at 8.00 so you beter be early to search for ticket, i recon its open at 6.00. dont be late unless ur wait the fery 2 more days

Local people

Their all very welcome and friendly ,  im visiting here like i was on bali … its very diffret on any other tourist site at java island ….. their very kind and helpfull with tourist i may give a 5 star for the hospitality


Theres  only 1 restaurant  at the center city, theres only gsm signal at the city , theres no internet cafe, theres no luxury hotel (all are guest house), theres no pool (except you on the kura2 resort) and theres no atm at the island, theres no such tourist information both(theres a booth buth no ones around and theres no good map around karimun jawa

Cost :

Motorcycle gas jogja – jepara                                                                                                     Rp. 20.000,-

Ticket (motor and person)                                                                                                           Rp. 56.000,-

Breakfast, lunch and diner (“nasi bungkus” at the harbour) + mineral water         Rp. 25.000,-

Breakfast                                                                                                                                             Rp.   7.000,-

Tour                                                                                                                                                       Rp. 80.000,-

Menjangan                                                                                                                                         Rp. 25.000,-

Ticket (motor and person)                                                                                                           Rp. 56.000,-

Dinner popmie                                                                                                                                  Rp.   5.000,-

Motorcycle gas jogja – jepara                                                                                                     Rp. 20.000,-

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