Photo along the road

Upper picture are old times boat to reach Batujaya Temple, maybe for next few month these boat wouldnt exist no more …. because few weeks ago the new bridge that connects Bekasi – Karawang well done build. lucky me to feel these boat river crossing.

the new bridge !!!


i guess this is around north bekasi

Rengasdengklok river ….

this is not honda note that … dont get confused with the “satu hati” tagline its used to be a Honda tagling …. but this is kebumen becak… powering 5.5 pk engine….. fully automatic consist a break and throttle

finally theres a “padang” restaurant, if u are taken alternative roads its hard to find “padang”, “warteg” and any others food stall …. majority are “bakso” “bakso” and “bakso” since i dont like “bakso” its kind of killing to find food there

far away from home… M11 origin from jakarta ( meruya – tahan abang ) i found this at kutoarjo

this is a friend of mine … i meet him on the road around Purwokerto, we had breakfast and hes continue to solo to meet his girlfriend

nice panorama with my bike

dead end brige !!!!!

hey they little creature …. anyone knows what is it ?

around indramayu alternative roads

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