Biggest mistake to start this expedition!!!

Updates im alive and healty in jogjakarta right now…. nothing hurts me seriously, accept my burning asses !!!! yeah its very awfull pain in the ass. The main concern before i leave jakarta was only about my seat, it was my number one priorities. ive put wide and comfort specialized seat, i bought a new bicycle pants (with a delicate foam) and besides that i put an extra accecories gel seat cover so it makes very comfort to seat. But during this trip i feeling it didt helped me at all and this morning i rubbing my ass…. u know what …. i had scars around my asses !!!! thats why the hurt came from

And before im continue to write any further im only want to say thumbs up for travellers ive read their ride report everyday their travelling report ….. its really untold how your tired is and you had to write for your readers…… if u dont have pertinacity im pretty sure….. u wouldnt write !!!! and for me theres alot of home work …. i should wrote in english and indonesia …. so lets start one then .. 😀

Anyway i was leaving jakarta after iedul fitri “shalat” around 08.00 oclock in the morning and arriving at kutoardjo 16.00 the next day. So in total it was 32 hours cycling from jakarta – batujaya – rengasdengklok – cilamaya – binong – haurgelis – karang asem – jatibarang – cirebon – tanjung – prupuk – bumiayu – wangon – sumpiuh – gombong – kebumen – kutoardjo. The wildest part is i didt stop along the road, if it was stopping…… im only eating and goin to the rest room. These is why i love doin solo ride, i can set my pace, my limit , my time and my speed. Actually these is was not my plan for 32 hours non stop cycling, but everytime im looking for a rest area along the road i cant find restaurant, rest area, mosque or any others places im stopping by who had a free electricty plug to charge all of my device. So since i not sleepy i get back to cycling and cycling. 1 small pedal to another small pedal to move me meters or kilometers slowly just to keep me moving from one place to night luckly i set my bike with a front and back light, in these case ….. atleast all vehicle infront or rear knows my existence. But for the front light it so helped me riding at night, because mostly tanjung – wangon was a dark road with none lights on the roads….. If you asking how i feel ? its beyond your imagination and this is beyond my limit to cycle jakarta – jogja.

My gps was all dead even before i reach batujaya, this is was the biggest mistake ive made in this trip. I shouldnt start this trip without bicycle gps. Because if you are doin solo trip, riding unknown road, doing short cutting and a long range cycling…… gps for me is a must. Why? if you are riding motorcycle or cars you may turn back easily when you are taking a wrong turn or a wrong road, but if you on a bicycle you are using your own power to pedaling and u should save your energy…. Wrong road and wrong turn is a thing you should avoid !!!!!! in my situatiion which my gps is dead, im used my common sense to ask as may time as i want in every intersection and in every road that i dont surly sure. These is why i made a big mistake to not having a gps, if i had one i can confidence with every unknown road and every turn without worried i will lost or lost my energy for useless wrong turn.

Another problem i found on this trip was never trust people if you asking about landscape from one pont into another. For example : “pantura” was only flat road or south road wangon – jogja was olso a flat road. 100% i can surely sure it was a wrong information for cyclist like me…. they mention flat road because using a car or motorcycle not cycling note that !!!!! if you are cycling….. wind and speeding vehicle are also a problem for me. Strong wind and speeding vehicle makes me had to pedalling twice harder. Ive been asking lots of people because my dead gps, along the road every person that i ask usually saying “my destination was still a long way to go” or “ its still far away from here” if you are hearing these words i can sure its wrong for mr. Why? Their living in a small cities so 5 -10 km for them who living in a small cities would say this is “Far” and “long way to go”.

another thing ive learn in these expedition is “always keep on positive”, because if we stays with “far” and “long way to go” i bet i wouldnt made it to jogja by cycling. One thing to another i should keep positive all the time, set my good mood all the time and just keep pedalling even though its just 10km/hours. Bumpy road and potholes on every road, its been like a hell for me to meet these two shitty thing. Because on a long range cycling like i told you befere my ass was like on fire, so if theres any bumpy road and a pot holes on a side of the road…. u will feel like your ass is being slap with a whip !!!! seat and ass both had to taken care carefully dont let the road bounce your body.. hahhahaha ….

Last if you like my ride report and my ride dont forget to help others by donating a few rupiah or just retweet, mention and copy paste me on the entire internet universe !!!! thanks guys…….

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