H-2 Doubts

i really had stong feeling that this is not gonna be a great ride the divide !!!!! all i want to say, i thought i will doin my expedition for nothing !!!!! why ? first, its a vacation “lebaran” and i depart when everybody was on vacation … so …. i thought there will be less attention to my ride and everybody busy !!! second, i copy paste my write in indonesia and in english … but its all less appreciate…. soo im kind a wondering, is it at the end of the journey total amount of the fund raising was like less than 1 million? if gonna be that way … what im doin was for NOTHIN… it better be i donnate all of my saving for this trip jakarta – bromo to YPKAI-C3 straightly !!!!! third…. maybe this is why ….. no one interested and reply my email …. its because my journey was not profitable and interesting !!!! forth i dont have any media attraction and any sponsors …. so it makin more less attention !!!!! fuck its 2 more day … and im had these kind of feel !!!!!

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3 thoughts on “H-2 Doubts

  1. You’re one of the bravest lad I have known..YOU CAN DO IT LAD!

    You do this with sincere heart and purposed..you may not get attention from media or else..but lad..believe me YOU HAVE NOBLE HEART to do this..

    I will do everything I can to support you..

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