Ultimate Adventure Cycling = Mudik ?

Some of you might think i doin this for “mudik” trip to my “kampung halaman” at Jogjakarta … Well it is, i used to “mudik” every year. But not nowdays because my grand mother has passed away early this year … so its no more “mudik” for me …. i left my familly in jakarta. parents, sisters, wife and my cute daughter i left them behind. theres only few relative at my “kampung halaman” most of them in JAKARTA, maybe at jogja i would probably stay on my relative house.

the main reason im doin my tip H+1 lebaran, because this is the only the right time to take my day off as an entepreneur. I own a small restaurant and a internet cafe as u might ask. i was think this cycling was gonna be like hell, im facing many motorcyclist and a dense road at pantura. so its gonna be a hell of on the road. i would prefer alternative roads with a flat road to avoid dense motorcyclist … if you had any suggestion let me know aight !!!

FYI i didnt tell my parents about these MT. Bromo thing !!!! i told them im goin to jogja straight without any sightseeing on the roads … and they didnt know about the fundraising thing …. so sorry mom and dad … i love you … i just dont want to paranoid them about this MT.Bromo thing.

well wish me luck guys !!!!!

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