yeah you…… ACI DETIK judges !!!

yesterday ive been interview with 3 judges from the ACI DETIK travel … and i forgot to shoot somethin to the judges because im so freakin nervous 🙂

all i want to say … that im overlanders and love to report my trip on these blog in daily adventure live, because ive seen friends of mine whos travelling around the world doin these ride report everyday and every readers like me …. was like wow … ok i was like drag into their trip everyday ….. and these kind of magnet ride report makes lots off readers shine their feel with INFORMATION, HELPS, MONEY, just some stay over night or decent diner….

And i guess in Indonesia alots of indonesian adventurer havin a great trip but comes with a less decent report !!!!

soo this is why you all judges shuld pick me as one of sixty 😀

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