Deus “Style” Road Trip 2010 [Bali – Lombok]

Deus is one of my favorite Garage, they provenience from the Aussie. Why i like Deus? Coz, they all customizing old and new stock Japanese Bike! Such as Yamaha Scorpio, Honda Tiger, Honda CB, Thunder 250, Yamaha SR400, Kawasaki W650 and many more. If you didnt familiar with deus and their bike you may check their web click

This pic was taken from my facebook friends on their “Nyepi” trip to lombok with all of familly Daughter, son and wife therein. They mention tons of fun, surf, sun, ride and sand times! Just check itu out !

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5 thoughts on “Deus “Style” Road Trip 2010 [Bali – Lombok]

  1. Great read… I just came back from there this September and Im already in love with the Surf life there.. People have modified their automatic mopeds also for carrying surfboards which they rent out.. here is a link to my bali experience
    8 days of adventure in bali

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