Mudik 2010 Jakarta – Jogja [Day 2]

1st day @Jogja i was spending my time hangout at my friends garage. Since tomorrow was already idul fitri, i know theres no garage would open for today and tomorrow . And i know my friend called “Bingkil” would’nt resist my favor….. there was something wrong with my ignition, apparently the bobin want to pop out. Since it was big holiday, In this situation would be hard to find a replacement for my bike. Luckily “bingkil” was a handy mechanics…. thanks for him the next day after “shalat Ied” i pick up my bike with a 2nd replacement spare part! and it works perfectly !!!

Sadly at this sacred day, we found out that my auty was passed away and i spent lot time at the hospital. Huge condolences for her…. I hope god giving the nicest place for my aunt. Later that nite i was prepare for another trip to way home without any sightseeing at jogja.

My ride home was fantastic ! i take the same route when i was departure. Without many obstacle the road consist lots lots of hairpin, uphill and downhill.

It takes 11 hours ride, nonstop within a tiny little seat….. it feell so fuckin nice !!! hahahhahaha ……….. im only stoping at a gass station for pee, refuel and eat. My ass feels like burning everytime i sat on it.

before arrival at jakarta there something interesting at jonggol, i was heard and vibrated with some voice couple of times. As i pass some bridge there was spatter of local people… my couriousity appears so i’ll stop for a while and i know what make me vibrated few minutes ago. it was a huge firecracker .. holly shit !!!

This was the biggest firecracker i ever heard in my entire live. They made it from 4 pair of huge bole (maybe it was twice bigger from a coconut tree) later they fill it with carbide and water. then … ignite it with a torch ….. kopaw…… the earth was shaking !!!!!

My summary for my ride home :
Road : all great accept jonggol road, consist a lots of dangerous potholes (common sceneries).

Traffic :H+2 the traffic direction spill to east, so i didn’t find any problem with it.

weather : Bright but it start rain @jonggol

Riders Attitude : i recon lot of bus and car force to overtake when line up in traffic ! So i’m the victim from the opposite direction

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2 thoughts on “Mudik 2010 Jakarta – Jogja [Day 2]

  1. great trip i presume.. 😀

    so sory i cant meet you on bingkil’s garage…

    i’m doing the oposite route doing trip to mother city last ied day…

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