Mudik 2010 Jakarta – Jogja [Day 1]

This trip was basicly unplaned, the timeline its just 2 days ride and 2 days sightseeing. My objective is just to have a familly day with all of relative and familly at idul fitri days. My second objective was to have a quality time with “Jenna Haze”. for your attention … after i finish this trip i have some kind of connection with this bike ….. so i’ll name it “Jenna Haze” .. why ? because it slim, petite and dirty !!! (just google if you dont know who is the real “Jenna Hze”) This bike base was CB125 1975 and i already custumizing many part of it by my self. so please introduce “jenna haze” and my ride.

I was departed at 3am planing to take the south route Jatibening – Jati asih – Rawa lumbu – Jonggol – bandung – nagrek – malangbong – majenang – wangon – banyumas – kebumen – purworejo – jogjakarta.

As im hit the road it seems i have a bad feeling about the wheather and traffic. Its true…. as i get into jonggol at 4am,there are lots of bike riding the same way into south and the more i get closser into Bandung, the more crowded traffic was comming in with a flood as a bonus. Shittt !!!

At ujung berung Bandung the traffic was stuck !! it was start of this hell ride… my bike started to get cranky … the throttle wount idle …. and all of a sudden the engine stop …. shit …. i thought the bike overheat … but i didnt heard knocking and the engine compression was all good. As i kick start the engine runs well … hmmm.. whats wrong with it? Then i start ride slowly and turn on my GPS to search of a alternative roads…. as i follow GPS direction it was drag me into rice field with sliperry mud. This was unexpected but im excited … whoa nice!!!

Back to main road the traffic was like hell… the traffic barelly moving inch by inch … Untill the nagrek intersection… so i’ll take a whirl route into garut, within some hopes that malangbong would be clear with the traffic…. it is clear, but the rain starts comming till midnight i stop by at Purwokerto…

so i camp in a small house for the night with a sleeping bag… when the morning rise its time to continue, the wheater was good and the road was all great .. approximately i arrive at 10am at Jogjakarta.

My Summary for this “Mudik” Season was :
Wheater : awfull rain all the time from malangbong – through purwokerto

Road : overall it was Great.. most off the road was already prepare for mudik season … but in a few spot theres some dangerous potholes.

Traffic : most of the city there are traffic jam everywhere and specially bandung the traffic jam was more than 50 km from ujung berung through malangbong

Riders attitude : i dont know why … most of the 2 wheelers are very polite… vice versa with the local city people…. most of them are sow oats. But saddly i didnt refer any police stopping more than 3 people on a motorcycle, it clearly in a term of number i can see they already reduce but still it was dangerous with alot of baggage

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4 thoughts on “Mudik 2010 Jakarta – Jogja [Day 1]

  1. Orang gila.. orang gila….
    But i would like to have some derrty fun with u, especially when u camp in some people house..

    btw, Jenna Haze, she’s my fave one too.. lil’ cute derrty baby..

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