Planning to ride East !!!

Its few days before the Iedul Fitri i have an intention to fix my bike because the oil was leaking from the silinder head. When im searching some sparepart theres queue everywhere. Since im leaveing in suburban jakarta and near the main road, im clearly able to see people on going to their hometown with bunch of luggage. Its thrill me alot to ride my Custom bike into my origin Jogjakarta. Another reasons to jump on because its been a while i havent have a quality time with my bike on the road. Last I dont know how many time i miss Iedul Fitri with my Grand parents and the rest of family, so makes me even more to come to my origin.

– I had done many things to custom my bike .. i dont know its reability?
– I only had a small iron seat, with a small amount foam
– Bike paper and license was dead
– Its a slutty old bike
– I dont used any Front fender
– I only put a small back fender
– Its gonna be a one hell Trip if its RAIN !

And the plan is
– 9 September (day 1)
Im departure from my house heading east 400 Miles, At 17.00

– 10 September (day 2)
Arrive at Jogjakarta and having a quality time with familly, rest and city tour.

– 11 September (day 3)
Im Leaving and back to Jakarta, at Dawn

I dont have much time since i have to work on 12 and almost all my staff take a yearly vocation to their home town. Sooo… i hope i can jump on to make this ride for real. Wish me luck …..

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