Travelling Around The World For FREE !!!

Paul Smith, 34, A freelance writter having this idea when he was on honeymoon vacation. Mr. Smith objective was to conquer the world in 30 days from his origin Campbell Island (200 mil from New Zealand).

How he did it for free ?

First of all he publish his intention on micro bloging that we all known as TWITTER 30 day before departure. initially only a few people intersted with this story. Later he become center of attention when Stephen Fry (Brittish actor) saw his twitter and Stephen Fry Retweet to his follower.

Then the Journey begins
– Free ferry ticket (Newcastle – Amsterdam) from Tweeter called Leanne
– Free train ticket to Paris from 2 French Tweeter
– Free Hostel
– By train to Saarbrucken
– Free car ride to Frankfurt from Tweeter called Andrea Juchem
– Free flight (Frankfurt – New York) from Tweeter called Owen
– Share hotel bed with Tweeter called Mark
– Free train, flight and car ride (Washington DC, Chicago and San Francisco) from USA Tweeter
– Free car ride to Los Angles
– Free flight (LA – Auckland) from Air Newzealand
– Ferry to South Island
– Free ride to cape South Island from tweeter called smiley
– Sailling to Stewart Island

From Stewart Island he hopes that he find a ride to Campbell Island, his final destination, but he FAILED on his last stages. Eventhough he failed, but we can learn how helpfull and spontaneous people along his journey although they havent meet before and the result was unbelievable. Finally he has Free ticket to his home town from Air Air New zealand.

Since now he was famous, Smith was invited to Good morning America talkshow and party with Liv Tyler, Eva Mendes, Jessica Alba in west Hollywood. WICKED !

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One thought on “Travelling Around The World For FREE !!!

  1. think i should try that one though…
    kinda interesting just to know how much people care each other in this selfish world nowadays 🙂

    how bout you mate?

    shall we ride?

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