What’s wrong with Indonesia Bikers

This Morning i was taking my wife into her office with my bike and a small posture occure at rawamangun traffic lights. The situations was started far from the traffic light, i was already try to stop on a red light. Because far from the intersection i know its gonna be a RED light when i’m pass it. Damn right … right close to the Intersection the red light was on. so… frankly im the one who was in front of the line and im stop barely behind the white line on the streets. without my conscious few seconds later right behind me few bikers was flaming their horn wanting me to move forward into the zebra cross. Soo i step forward a bit to gave some space and you know what they hitting my wife bag. Maybe is just a silly thing …. but i reflect to shout for pay attention to the red light … and he got even mad-er to me !!!! What a stupid biker…. you’re did the wrong thing and got even mad-er with that thing !!!! Luckyly this is fasting month hopes it was just a temptation for me …

All i want to say as a local biker please be patient, mind comply the regulation where to stop and always remember to got home safely !

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