Great Aussie Escape

Just discovered this inspiring story about a group of 10 guys (mainly from New Zealand) who are travelling across the middle of Australia on custom made motorcycles. Their custom bike was not only for display, but it was used to impenetrate 5500km trip is called ‘Our Great Escape’ and aside from being one hell of an adventure the the boys are also raising money for Cure Kids. When I say ‘boys’ they are mostly middle aged men who are young at heart . “Our youngest ‘carnival’ member is 21 and our oldest is 58 yrs old and with the exception of one father and son combination (Dave and Brendon), we probably would be unlikely to spend too much time together with our very different great lives” Doug explains. “Most of us have had motorcycles built especially for our desert scrambling adventure thanks to the Deus Ex Machina custom motorcycle team, Shed 5, Auckland”. For you who didnt know what Deus ex Machina is, it was Aussie Garage focusing reconstruct and redesign aftermarket motorcycle.

They also have a great blog with loads of photos documenting this couragous ride from Sydney to Broome crossing eight deserts. If you are interested in making a donation to a great cause you can visit their fundraising site.

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