Marygops Studio was a theft !!

Yesss if you watch my video they didn’t paid my work as a videographer & Photographer at Wonder Girls Concert

Actually im not in a mood to wrote this all down. Its because this things only made my mood down. Surely, if your clients didnt paid your work. you probably know how i feel !!!

Heres some stories of mine, with my paid work with the MARYGOPS then become forgoten UNPAID project.

Years back started in 2012, friends of mine introduce me to two of the owner MARYGOPS STUDIO (Shaane Harjani & Neelam Vaswani). later on my friends who were also work in a MARYGOPS used me as his videographer and photographer at his wedding. But before that after our first meet up with the  owner MARYGOPS i was agreed to gave Shaane a test shoot at his club called “NYC TRIBECA” at city walk sudirman. the event it self called “Hollewen party”  heres the video.

Film & Edited by : Bramadity

So… since my test shoot at the “NYC Tribeca” club, me (as a videographer) and shaane harjani are agreed to work together at the “Wonder Girls” concert.  BUT !!!! theres a but not ass though….. But since my friends of mine (who work at MARYGOPS)  told me alot of good shit about the owner and so far since my first meet we become like friends. And this is one my first mistakes. Yess… Mistake, because it was more friendly approach between client and me, thenn …. the client it self gave me a deal and the brief like closed to the event (read : 1 day before the event). Yeah …. im alrite with it, i not having a bad feeling since the owner it self looking nice and polite (at that time). Soo… the event start and im working without and Purchase Order. yess its not supposed to be like that, i know. Yeah … because the friendly realtionship with the owner and i didnt had a bad tought about them. yesss im keep doin the work.

The shooting it self finish without any handycap. Then like any other project i had  to, submit the video, revision and final video. just like my any other project. thennn …. after its all finished i had to ask them for payment right ? since i dont have any PO (Purchase Order) i made the invoice based on our deals (on a previous meeting). Yesss… just like a shitty client, i thought it was a delay payment. Buts since the events 3 November 2012 Until i wrote this blog, They “MARYGOPS STUDIO” didnt paid my work as a profesional at all.

Guess what my invoice, my BBM and message they all leave un REPLIED by the “MARYGOPS STUDIO”. Yess lesson learn for me and any others entepreneur out there. Event though your clients was your friends or whatsoever, you should work based on PURCHASE ORDER. So you can take this to the next level. In my case…. its really weak. Not a chance bram !!!  But yess… thats why im writing this …. i had social media, i had google hope within this words people might learn from my mistakes.

I shared my thoughts as well with my fellow photographers about this case. They ask me, bram what is your lost ? hmmmmm ….

1. Payment

2. Reputation with my Photograpaher

3. Debts with my Photographer ( i already paid him, eventhough its late)

4. Camera gears rent

5. Times

6. My bad work at my friends wedding (who work at MARYGOPS studio) couple months after the wondergirls concert.

7. Etc.

If you are think i was bullshiting from my first words…..  just look at my picture below. it was a comparison a picture from MARYGOPS web and my photographers facebook account.